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One Woman's Quest for Sex, Love & Redemption

Multiple Award-Winning #MeToo Novel

A #MeToo novel written before the subject was broken open, Fuchsia Parade is a raw and candid look at one woman's quest to reclaim herself after being violated. Based on the author's personal healing journey to overcome repressed childhood trauma, this memoir-style book won multiple awards and is receiving stellar reviews from readers.

Fuchsia Parade is the winner of three book awards, including the 2018 12th Annual National Indie Excellence Award, a Finalist in the 7th Annual Beverly Hills Books Awards, and winner of the 2019 summer Pinnacle Book Achievement Award



"An intriguing and powerful book. From the get go, the author pulls the reader into the beautifully flawed life of the main character and takes the reader on a journey filled with sarcasm, sex, alcohol, success, truth, and healing. The author does a beautiful job in helping the reader connect with the main character as she takes the painful journey to uncover and face past traumas. I found myself rooting for the main character as she rediscovers herself which leaves her feeling vulnerable and in unknown territory. This book will be hard to put down and will leave you wanting more in the end." - Amazon Reviewer

Girl Talk Headquarters called the main character "the type of central female character that great feminist novels are made of – complicated, flawed, badass, powerful, yet tender and compassionate upon further reveal through layers of story. Within the first few chapters of ‘Fuchsia Parade’, we come to know Kailee as a heavy drinker, hard partying woman, well-connected socialite, and someone who has the type of self-confidence we all wish was instilled into us growing up as girls."

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Kailee Johnson has a voracious appetite for men. "There are 3 types of men when you're on the prowl - the tasty morsel, the hottie, and the nice guy."


A successful and powerful businesswoman in the male dominated New York construction industry, she anchors her glamorous lifestyle in the up and coming "6th borough" of Jersey City, where Kailee aggressively pursues money, designer shoes, men and cocktails. 


One day she wakes up to the smell of booze, shame and regret to proclaim the powerful words "I need help." Her search for healing leads to a clairvoyant in Manhattan, to the deepest reaches of her subconscious mind, and to the New Mexican scene of a repressed childhood memory where abuse changed her life forever. 


Kailee fights a ferocious battle to reclaim her shadows by battling old ways, fears and a traumatic ecosystem to uncover the powerful and sensitive woman within.



A Tale of Love, Loss and the Armenian Genocide

My First Novel and Rite of Passage to Authorship: Historical Fiction Based on My Family's Story

From a young age, I always knew I wanted to write a book. Finally, I ventured to write one. "Reclaiming Konia: A Tale of Love, Loss and the Armenian Genocide" was an eight year journey to tell the story of my Armenian great grandfather, Melkon Jenanyan, a survivor of the genocide.


On the threshold of the 20th Century, Melkon Jenanyan sits alone in a room in the heart of Philadelphia. An intense and stubborn Christian Minister, and the one who must secure their family legacy, he has to make a decision. Will he further complicate his strained marriage by returning to the heart of the Ottoman Empire – as a targeted Christian minority in a Muslim land?


The crux of his life’s meaning hangs in the balance as he struggles to choose between family or his life’s work, peace or a potential war zone. Will he find salvation as a martyr to save his people, or will he choose to save himself?

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A Tarot Card, Healing Crystal Infused, Gluten Free Love Story

My latest project is a mix of quirky wine-drinking fun and healing the traumatic wounds within, wrapped in a selenite wand and basking in the afterglow of some serious smudging with sage.


With guidance from a clairvoyant healer after her heartbreaking divorce, Christina Demata—aka Chrissie—is ready to make room for love to return into her life. She stops eating gluten, pulls tarot cards daily, creates a vision board, and carries her healing crystals with her everywhere. But when life goes sideways and she gets ghosted by a date turned one night stand, her life seems to fall to pieces overnight—sage, crystals and all. With the help of a whiskey-slugging guru she meets in a San Fernando Valley dive bar and an actual therapist, Chrissie begins to face repressed emotions about losing her father at a young age. In the process, she finds a creative strength she never knew she had and forges a path to liberate herself, finding her own inner source of strength and power. 

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