About Heather

Heather is a book author and a B2B copywriter and editor. A natural orator, speaker and performer, Heather has performed book readings, speeches, and comedic shows. 

Her women's fiction drama, "Fuchsia Parade: One Woman's Quest for Sex, Love & Redemption" won three awards for its raw look at overcoming abuse.

She is seeking a literary agent for her latest unpublished comedic self help novel: Gratitude Happens: A Tarot Card, Healing Crystal Infused, Gluten-Free Love Story."

With a previous background in sales and a Masters in Business Admin (MBA) from NJIT, she has an extensive range of knowledge, skills and experience that inspire her work. 

She lives in Los Angeles with her family and is a happy dog mom who loves hiking and cooking.

Contact her at Heather@HeatherMartin.Org.

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